Is ASTM A325 all thread rod available?

One common grade call out for all thread rod is ASTM A325. The problem with this call out is that ASTM A325 covers headed structural bolts used in steel to steel connections, which all thread is neither. The ASTM A325 specification states in section 1.5:

“This specification is applicable to heavy hex structural bolts only.  For bolts of other configurations and thread lengths with similar mechanical properties, see Specification A449.”

all thread rodWith the implementation of ASTM F3125, there are configurations allowed for A325 structural bolts that were not allowed previously, however rods are still not one of them. The head style can be different as well as the thread length, but the required application is the same. Whether ASTM A325 is specified or F3125 Grade A325, the part cannot be a rod and cannot be used for any application other than steel to steel connections. Having that been said, it is advisable to contact the Engineer of Record in regards to an alternative fastener grade, such as ASTM A449, which has virtually identical strength requirements and covers configurations such as all thread rod.

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